David Inspecting Hive Quality

Spease Apiaries has a facility in Fallon NV where we process our honey Spease Apiaries provides pollination services throughout Northern California and Nevada.  The bees are being brought back to our yards for the winter.  The honey is brought to our processing facility.  The bees will be returning to farms and orchards for the start of the pollination season for 2021 usually starting about Valentines day.  They usually start with Almond orchards then move on to other crops ass the flowering season for almonds ends. We will be doing another video soon to show the process of harvesting the honey.  The honey is sold to grocery stores under the name Spease Apiaries Honey Company.

Main Bee Yard

This second photo shows our main bee Yard with last years harvest of honey.  Each barrel holds 50 gallons of honey.  There are 400 barrels.

We are currently taking orders for pollination of next years pollination.  If you are interested in a quote for our pollination services please contact us with information about your operations.  What crops do you have?  If it is orchards please provide location of the orchards, the age of the trees, Type of trees ,the number of acres and approximate number of hives you will require. If you have field crops please identify the crop, number of acres and years in production.

Please provide your contact information, location, email and or phone number. We will contact you for any additional information.

We will need to know water availability, and all weather access. Please contact us with any questions you may have.