Spease Bee Hives
Spease Apiaries Bee Hives

Spease Apiaries Honey   The Story of Spease Apiaries Inc.

One day a beekeeper’s truck broke down in front of our property on Sheldon and Bradshaw in Elk Grove.  He asked if he could leave the truck there until the repairman was able to fix it.  While waiting, he noticed our property was the perfect place to winter his bees.

A Winter Resort for Bees

Bees are typically moved from orchard to orchard to pollinate crops in the spring and summer, but in the fall and winter, they need a place to rest.  We agreed to be the winter resort for the bees and the beekeeper agreed to pay us with 50 lbs of honey! That is a LOT of honey for two people, so we gave away small jars as presents to our friends.

In the second year we received another 50 lbs. Already having a small vegetable stand on the property as part of a class rotary project, we started selling the honey at local events like the Running of the Elks Marathon.  Save Mart Supermarkets also had a booth at the event and asked us if we would be interested in selling at the Save Mart Supermarket sites since they wanted to support local products. The rest is history.

Beekeeper Dave
Beekeeper Dave

Spease Apiaries’ Honey is a family owned corporation with father, son and wives as the owners.  Spease Bees Honey company was becoming more successful, so I wanted to make sure that we had a good supply of honey. I worked with my beekeeper friends to acquire beehives from beekeepers that were retiring and formed a corporation called Spease Apiaries, Inc.

The honey will be the same delicious product that was sold as Spease Bees Honey.

About Our Honey

Spease Bees Honey is a raw, unprocessed, natural product.  Honey is the only food product that does not have an expiration date. It may crystalize due to changing temperature, but crystallization does not affect the quality of the honey.  Honey should be kept in a warm place like a cabinet or on top of the refrigerator.  Honey that has crystalized can be restored to its liquid form by giving it a warm water bath.  Place a pot of water on the stove at the lowest possible setting and place the jar of honey in the water being careful to keep the water level about a half inch below the top of the jar.  In about 20-30 minutes the honey will return to its natural state. Some people prefer crystalized honey.  Sometimes people think that crystalized honey has gone bad and they throw it out.  Crystalized honey is a sign of high-quality honey.

Hive Health checkMy beekeepers were here today, so I took a photo of them.  They are doing a hive health check.  After every rain, the hives are inspected to ensure proper drainage so they don’t have any standing water in them.  The health of the hives and bees are important to producing the most delicious honey, so the utmost care and attention is given to them.

Natures Wonderful Process

Honey Making

Raw, unprocessed, all-natural honey


Million of flowers visited


bees families


Millions of Bees

Mother Nature

How Honey Is Produced

01. Flowers produce nectar and attract our bees

02. Bees collect the nectar and carry it to the beehive

03. Bees seal cells with wax and honey ripens

04. We collect the product and transfer it to the packaging